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Each month, a theme based activity sheet is distributed to our local Program Leaders.  Please click on the links below to find new ideas for your group or just to enjoy together as a family.

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Love, Laugh, Learn: Weekly Resources from Bookmates

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Big Hungry Bear

Not a Stick

Red is Best

From Head to Toe

Rosie’s Walk

Where the Wild Things Are

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

Paper Bag Princess

Hand Hand Fingers Thumb

Harold and the Purple Crayon

The Enormous Turnip

BOOKMATES Love Laugh Learn Cooking Edition

Community-Level Early Development Instrument (EDI) Results

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) focuses on the outcomes for children as a health‐relevant, measurable concept that has long‐term consequences for individual outcomes and population health. The data derived from the collection of the EDI facilitates and encourages community, provincial, national and international monitoring of the developmental health of our young learners.

In relation to developmental benchmarks (rather than curriculum-based), the EDI measures children’s developmental health at school entry in five general domains:

  • physical health and well-being;
  • social competence;
  • emotional maturity;
  • language and cognitive development; and
  • communication skills and general knowledge

Further information can be found on the EDI Fact Sheet.

The EDI data is collected on 4 or 5 year olds by their Kindergarten teacher. The teacher uses his/her observations after several months of classroom/school interaction with the child to complete the questionnaire.  To view a sample of the questions asked, click here.

Community-level EDI reports (shown by rural municipality) are shared with Manitoba’s child care community, parent-child coalitions and school divisions to assist these groups in identifying the strengths and needs of their communities.

Below, you will find data for the North Eastman region for the following year.

Special Reports

Powerful Advocacy Videos

Below are a few great advocacy videos in relation to the importance of investing in Early Child Development:

Community Services Listing

Please click here SHCC Resource Guide Final Copy October 2022! ( for up-to-date community service listing information for the North Eastman region!

Additional Family Resources

Here are some additional links you may find helpful to your family.