Grant Application Deadline

Bright Beginnings accepts applications for grant funding ONCE PER YEAR to support early childhood initiatives in your community!


Grant application forms are available at the bottom of this page.  Please download, complete, and fax or mail back to our office.

We look forward to working with you and your community!

On the Road to Best Practice

Child and Youth Services, Department of Families and Manitoba Parent Child Coalitions have prepared recommended guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all children involved in coalition activities.

Please note that this document is based on licensing for the Manitoba Child Care Program.  The regulations for child care facilities and nursery schools have been developed with reference to the most current research on best practices for children involved in group settings.

The Parent Child Program Checklist is provided to those who have received coalition funding to assist in developing a safe and nurturing environment for the children involved in your program.  As coalition activities are not required to be licensed, this information is presented as recommended guidelines, however, we strongly encourage these guidelines will be followed wherever possible.

On the Road to Best Practice is a detailed document providing several examples of well-researched ways to improve program quality and give additional information on specific guidelines.

If you have any questions or concerns related to these guidelines, please feel free to contact our office.

Click on the links below to view these documents:

On the Road to Best Practice

Parent Child Program Checklist




  • We support programs and services for families with young children (ages 0-6) with a priority focus of children ages 1-4.
  • We support parent education programs and/or projects that involve both the parent and child
  • We encourage groups to work together with their community to build partnerships
  • We expect programs and services to be inclusive and accessible to all families

We support projects that promote these four priorities listed:

Strengths-based Parenting Education
….. to support and enhance the confidence and ability of parents/caregivers to nurture the healthy development of their children in the early years.
  • parent education programs
  • parent support groups
  • parent-child groups and activities
  • toy and resource lending libraries
  • drop-in programs or activities
Nutrition and Physical Health
….. to promote healthy, active lifestyles through parenting education, physical activity and fitness, nutrition guidance and injury prevention.
**Applications requesting funding for snacks are expected to select healthy choices.
  • parent education programs
  • nutritional guidance talks/programs
  • activities promoting physical activity/fitness
Learning and Literacy
….. to support the learning success of children through family literacy activities and developmentally appropriate, play-based early childhood experiences.
  • creative play and recreation programs
  • rhyming, reading, and storytelling activities
  • lending libraries
  • family literacy programs
Community Capacity
….. to build community capacity through leadership and volunteer opportunities, networking and information sharing, and engaging local communities in program planning and professional development.
  • education, awareness, advertising & support
  • exchanging information, networking
  • working together with communities in planning programs and services
  • in-kind and/or monetary contributions from community organizations

Funding Criteria

Who is eligible?

  • Applicants will be a non-profit, incorporated body OR must obtain a host organization.

**This host organization must be a non-profit, incorporated body that has a board of directors and bank account with two signing authorities.

**Furthermore, the host organization must accept financial responsibility and hold adequate liability insurance for programs operating under its authority.

  • Applicants must live within the boundaries of North Eastman Parent-Child Coalition.

Eligibility Requirements:

Successful proposals will:

  • promote the priorities
  • promote early childhood development and healthy lifestyles
  • strengthen the parent-child relationship
  • respond to local community needs
  • involve community to build partnerships
  • follow Recommended Guidelines for Parent Child Programs as identified in On the Road to Best Practice

Intended Applicants/Program Leaders will:

  • submit ORIGINAL application form in full, including budget information (**planned budget and accumulated surplus must be included) by deadline date
  • ensure the program’s compliance with the Recommended Guidelines for Parent Child Programs
  • complete and submit both a Criminal Record and Child Abuse Record Check prior to facilitating a program*
  • maintain a valid First Aid/CPR Certification or be willing to complete the training within 3 months of facilitating a program*
  • agree to complete a two-day Bookmates’ FUNdamentals training within the first year of facilitating a program*
  • agree to visits with the Bright Beginnings’ Regional Coordinator to evaluate compliance with the Parent Child Program Checklist guidelines
  • agree to attend and share ideas from your program at a one-day regional event held annually in Spring
  • submit financial statements/bank balances as requested and receipts for individual items totaling $300 or more
  • complete and submit all evaluation forms including program and financial information by specified deadline dates
  • submit participant feedback from your program with evaluation

 Bright Beginnings MAY fund…..

  • rental of space
  • healthy snack choices
  • appropriate honorarium/wages for facilitators and/or child minders
  • reasonable advertising costs
  • reasonable travel expenses
  • program supplies
  • minor equipment
  • training
  • community assessments

     Sorry, we CANNOT fund…

  • costs related to purchases of land or buildings
  • major equipment or renovations
  • budget deficits
  • retroactive funding
  • replacement and/or duplication of government funding (ie. Families First, Healthy Baby, licenced childcare, Nursery School, etc.)
  • food security programs (ie. Breakfast Clubs, lunch and snack programs)
  • field trips/outings
  • year-end program and/or community celebrations, parades  

Funding Approval:

Funding will be dependent on the availability of funds and criteria met in relation to local community needs and relevance to the Parent-Child Coalition priorities.

A Grant Committee will review all applications and decisions will be based on the merits of the application.  Once reviewed, notification of the committee’s decision will be forwarded onto the applicant.

If an application is denied, an explanation will be provided to the applicant.  Suggestions of other possible funding sources may be offered.

Funding approval for previously supported projects are subject to receipt and review of past year’s grant evaluation as well as prior year financial statements.

All reporting requirements must be met before your organization will be eligible for another grant.

Should you have further questions regarding our grant program, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Grant Application Forms and Evaluation Forms

Grant applications are accepted once per year –January 31st.

The grant application and evaluation forms are now available in downloadable format below.  Application forms must be completed in their original format.

If you are unable to read PDF files, please visit this website,, to get a free copy of this program to allow access to these forms.

Program Evaluation forms are due upon completion of your project or by March 31st of each year

Program Leaders are required to fill out Monthly Reporting Forms.  These forms are due by the 15th of the following month.

Need Help?  If you are unfamiliar with our granting process, please feel free to contact our Regional Coordinator for additional support.

We encourage sponsored groups to use a participant satisfaction form to measure the success of your programming.  A sample template for evaluating your program can be found below.  Please feel free to modify this form to meet your program’s needs.